Talanta Youth Movement is a non profit  HIP-HOP Movement which uses HIP-HOP elements as a tool to engage, unite and connect young people and provide them skills and support to become socially responsible

  • To promote HipHop artists in the region
  • To provide a free working space where artists of different cultural understanding and background meet.
  • To establish a wide and strong hip hop community on the region
  • To enhance entrepreneurship workshopd to empower the youth in the region.
  • To train talented artists and provide them with artistic and life skill knowledge
  • Enabling Hip Hop and cultural artists to maximize welfare from their arts
  • Fighting unemployment among the youth
  • Organizing the Best Hip Hop and cultural events in the region
  • To let the region understand Hip Hop and cultural aspects
  • To layout good Hip Hop and cultural artists with quality arts and musci in the region
  • Enabling the youth to understand what they are.

    To be the Best HipHop and cultural organization supporting and speaking for the development of Hip Hop, Culture and arts in Uganda.

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